My Pet Peeves

Thought this would be a fun post! I love talking about Pet Peeves, though I have only a bit:

  • When someone grinds their teeth (*Shudders*)
  • When people breathe on me
  • When Biggy (my mouse) licks my fingers
  • When Grayson (my other mouse) climbs up my arms
  • When the Chicks poop on me (yuck!)
  • When people say I should read more when I read hours a day
  • When I forget the body soap and I’m already in the shower

Told you I had only a little bit!


Writing Ideas!

Hello! Today I am going to be talking about writing ideas for my stories. For your info, I may start a writing tutorials section in this blog! Stay tuned for that 😛 Thanks for reading, in advance!

My first idea is about my pet mice, Biggy, Grayson, and Blondie. It is a family drama novel. Beginning in Biggy’s point of view, three mice are moved to their new home, and begin to turn on each other. I already worked out a conversation:

“Why don’t you defend yourself?” Asked the Human unhappily.

Grayson thought about that. “Yes… defend myself…”

I really like this idea. Than Grayson begins to turn on his brothers. Kinda how it starts.

My next idea is about aliens landing on earth approximately 1000 BC. They create there own island to live happily, when they began to get attacked the ‘human’ aliens who arrived there from Mars only a hundred years earlier. They claimed the planet as theirs, even if they weren’t even born in it. Quite complicated right?

Thanks for reading! I am also working on some Warrior Cats Fan-writing. See you next time!

Happy Milkshake Blog

Welcome to my blog!

“Animals know that the ultimate point of life is to enjoy it” – Samuel Butler

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Happy Milkshake Blog! I am Megan, a girl with high hopes for the future. I love pets, writing, and books! 😀 This my blog, where I will tell you all about myself, and my pets!

Some things I enjoy:

  • Crocheting
  • Caring for pets
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Youtube
  • Posting on my Instagram account

Sorry for the short first post. Hope to see you here soon!